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Biomes are different regions of the Mini World.


Melee Weapon[edit | edit source]

Icon12001.png Icon12003.png Icon12005.png Icon15500.png Icon11061.png

Ranged Weapon[edit | edit source]

Icon12050.png Icon12056.png Icon12281.png Icon12283.png Icon12284.png Icon12288.png

Guns[edit | edit source]

Icon15000.png Icon15001.png Icon15002.png Icon15006.png Icon15004.png Icon15005.png

Throwable[edit | edit source]

Icon12002.png Icon12052.png Icon12053.png Icon12054.png Icon12057.png Icon12058.png
64x Icon12060.png Icon12004.png Icon15007.png Icon15008.png Icon12282.png
Icon12280.png Icon12286.png Icon12287.png Icon12290.png


Wooden Tools[edit | edit source]

Wood Hoe.png Icon11058.png Wood Axe.png Wood Pickaxe.png Wood Shovel.png Icon11048.png

Stone Tools[edit | edit source]

Stone Hoe.png Stone Axe.png Stone Pickaxe.pngStone Shovel.png

Iron Tools[edit | edit source]

Iron Hoe.png Iron Axe.png Iron Pickaxe.png Iron Shovel.png 64px 64px
64px 64px 64px 64px

Golden Tools[edit | edit source]

Gold Hoe.png Gold Axe.png Gold Pickaxe.png Gold Shovel.png

Diamond Tools[edit | edit source]

Diamond Shovel.png Diamond Hoe.png 64x Diamond Pickaxe.png

Armors[edit | edit source]

Icon12201.png Icon12211.png Icon12221.png Icon12231.png Icon12241.png
Icon12202.png Icon12212.png Icon12222.png Icon12232.png Icon12242.png
Icon12203.png Icon12213.png Icon12223.png Icon12233.png Icon12243.png
Icon12204.png Icon12214.png Icon12224.png Icon12234.png Icon12244.png
Icon12205.png Icon12206.png Icon12207.png Icon12208.png 64x 64x

Circuit Blocks[edit | edit source]

Icon415.png Icon702.png Icon704.png Icon1033.png Icon1034.png Icon1004.png
Icon1005.png Icon1008.png Icon1013.png Icon1010.png Icon717.png Icon1009.png
Icon706.png Icon707.png Icon1033.png

Circuit Machine[edit | edit source]

Icon839.png Icon718.png Icon719.png Icon721.png Icon722.png Icon842.png

Circuit Tools[edit | edit source]

Icon1009.png Icon706.png Icon701.png Icon711.png Icon712.png Icon713.png
Icon715.png Icon716.png

Bombs[edit | edit source]

Icon834.png Icon835.png Icon1014.png Icon1015.png Icon1016.png Icon1017.png

Music Blocks[edit | edit source]

Icon690.png Icon691.png Icon692.png Icon693.png Icon694.png Icon695.png
Icon696.png Icon697.png Icon698.pngIcon699.png

Utility Blocks[edit | edit source]

Icon1000.png Icon1001.png Icon1018.png Icon1032.png

Transportation[edit | edit source]

Icon13807.png Icon13806.png Icon13802.png Icon13800.png Icon725.png Icon729.png

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