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Buffs & AI

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Addhpbuff add.png Damaged punch add.png Damaged range add.png Damaged fire add.png Damaged poison add.png Damaged explode add.png Damaged all add.png DAMAGED FALLING ADD.pngAttack range add.png
Attack punch add.png Attack fire add.png Attack poison add.png Attack explode add.png Attack wither add.png Attack undead add.png Attack animal add.png Attack player add.png Luck killmob.png
Knock.png Knock resist.png Move speed add.png Swim speed add.png Dig speed add.png Luck dig.png MODEL ADD.png View bright.png Ball soccer 2.png


Attack explode reduce.png Move speed reduce.png Dig speed reduce.png MODEL REDUCE.png View dim.png Ball soccer 1.png
Freeze.png Clasp.png Damagebuff fire.png Damagebuff hunger.png Damagebuff poison.png Damagebuff wither.png
NO-OXY.pngNO-OXY-Dying.pngView dim.pngFreeze.pngFluorescence.png


3001.png 3002.png 3003.png 3004.png 3005.png 3006.png 3007.png
3008.png 3009.png 3010.png 3011.png3012.png3013.png3014.png

Item Skills

100.png 101.png 102.png 104.png 103.png 106.png 105.png

Mount Skills

1.png 2.png 3.png 4.png 5.png 6.png 7.png
8.png 9.png Firerun.png Glide.png Jineng.png Jumpsprint.png