Horas Overlord-Ancient Colossus

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Ancient colossus banner.png

You must have know the Horas overlord, Ancient Colossus has come in the new update. But how powerful is he?
Lets learn about him!

There are 2 forms of Horas overlord.
First forms, this is how he looks like.

Second form, he looks like this:

Doesn't he look amazing? But what power does he have, or what make him a overlord of Horas?
Wait, lets see how to summon him!

1.Summon Ancient Colossus[edit | edit source]

To summon Ancient Colossus, you need to prepare these blocks.





Just one of each block is enough, go to the Horas Totem, place the blocks like below:


Keep 3 block space too the center of Horas Totem. After place the blocks, something peculiar would happen:


A light beam would shot out of Horas Totem, everything around it would turn into ash, including the stone totems nearby. Then, the Horas overlord, Ancient Colossus will appears in the center!


2.Appearance of Ancient Colossus[edit | edit source]

When you observe closely, you would see Ancient Colossus is formed by himself, and three creatures floating around him. That is right, the three creatures is the Genesis monsters of Horas.
Ancient Colossus shows up with powerful shield, seems like all attacks cannot hurt him.

On the head and waist of Ancient Colossus is glowing. The color of the glow seems related to the three floating creatures’ color. Maybe you should try to attack the floating creature, which has color matching to the glow!

3.Attack of Ancient Colossus Stage 1[edit | edit source]

Ancient Colossus has three ways of attack, slam from the left, slam from the right, and reach hands in the air.

Each attack and knock you in the air, very powerful!

The Genesis Rocki, Frosti and Bulli makes similiar attack with normal Rocki, Frosti and Bulli.
However, when Ancient Colossus has glow color matchs their color, it could activate some special attack skill.



4.Attack of Ancient Colossus Stage 2[edit | edit source]

After stage 1 attack, Ancient Colossus would start to fight you with his full figure.
The stone statues would re-appears!
Ancient Colossus would slam his giant hand and furious attack! If you get close his head, he shots out laser.
Seems like the stone statue changes colors when Ancient Colossus change, maybe you should destroy the stone statues too?
After the HP of Ancient Colossus downs to half, he would switch into furious mode, and attack you with ultrasonic wave and break all stone statues.


Now his attack would change again, he would throw deadly ice piton and bombs, put his hands on the ground to absorb energy.

After he absorbed enough energy, he would release his ultra skill: Stone Tsunami

When you finally defeat him. The black ground influenced by Ancient Colossus would turn back to white.
A mystery alter and Colossus Jar full of reward would appears where Ancient Colossus are defeated.

The Colossus Jar contains rare rewards for fighters. What would the treasures be?
Only those who defeat Ancient colossus would know!