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Horas Q&A

13 Tips/ Q&A about Horas Update

Q: How to make spaceship?

A: First you need to obtain the Spaceship blueprint by defeat the first black dragon, or buy the blueprint from merchant.

The material needed: Iron Block *5, Gold Block *5, Sulfur Crystal Sand *1, Rotor Block *1, Sensor Block *1.

Spaceship fuel is required when using Spaceship, simply click to fill up.

Spaceship material.png

Q: Why would Spaceship crash?

A: When there is objects or terrain blocking the spaceship during lift-off, the Spaceship can explode and crash.

We suggest to find a open field with no trees or floating island around, and press Space key after lift-off, and keep speending up to ensure a smooth and safe journey to Horas, or back to earth.

Spaceship crash.png

Q: Can creatures in Horas be tamed?

A: Graviti can not be tamed at the current version, while Rocki, Frosti, Bulli can be tamed by food.

Horas creature.png

Q: How to obtain oxygen in Horas?

A: There are 3 ways: Oxy, Regen Rune or Oxygen Pack. However these methods can only provide oxygen for a while, there is no permanent method yet.


Q: Can trees grow in Horas?

A: Yes they can, but only when using Plant Medium. Fertilizer can not speed up the growth of trees.

Q: Do Horas plants need to be watered?

A: In Horas you can not water any plants, or use water. However when using Plant Medium, the plants do not require any water!

Plant median.png

Q: Why mount can not use in Horas?

A: It can be use only within the oxygen area. They might die in the Horas environment.


Q: How to get in the Spaceship? What should I Do?

A: Fill up the energy with Spaceship fuel, then tap or click on the Spaceship to get in.

Spaceship fuel can be synthesized with soild oil. Soild oil is black. You can find soild oil by searching the sea, where you see the bubbles at the bottom of the sea.

Fuel.pngSolid Horas Oil.png

Q: Can we bring tamed Horas creatures back to earth?

A: In the survival mode you can not bring them back. But you can spawn them in creation mode.

Q: Is there only one Horas ruin?

A: There are many, scattered randomly on Horas.

Q: How to obtain blueprints for tools? How to unlock them?

A: There are a small dungeon underneath Horas ruin, there is a magical blue crystal. Break them to obtain a random blueprint.

Q: What are those block floating in Horas?

A: They are floating lands, the most powerful creatures lives in there!

That is all for this time's Q&A! Thank you all!

Horas Q&A.png