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Items can be found or created in Mini World. There are a many different items, the players can find or build.

List of Items

Here is the shortcut to the list of items.


There are many types of farming. Different crops grow in different ways. Just click any of this icon and find out!

Wheat.pngRice Crop.pngCarrot.pngPotato.pngPumpkin.pngWatermelon.png

Ball Bean.pngRice Seed.pngWheat Seed.pngPumpkin Seed.pngWatermelon Seed.png


Raw Materials

Bone.pngLeather.png Icon11069.png Icon11068.png Icon11067.png Silk Thread.pngIcon11313.pngFeather.pngSugarcane.pngHollow Bamboo.pngSpider Leg.png

Plants & Gardening

Grass.pngWild Grass.pngWaterweed.pngSeaweed.pngCatcus.pngLotus.pngLotus Leaf.pngDuckweed.png

Syringa.pngLimonium.pngDragonflower.pngHyacinth.pngOrange Maguey.pngRed Maguey.pngGrey Maguey.pngPink Maguey.png
Daisy.pngTecomastans.pngSmall rose.pngDragonclaw.pngDragontree.pngIcon269.pngSunflower.png
SunflowerSeed.pngSyringaVulgarisSeed.pngStaticeSeed.pngDragonFlowerSeed.pngOrchidSeed.pngDragonClawSeed.pngDragonDracaenaSeed.pngRed Alga.png


Fruitwoodsapling.pngLarchsapling.pngPoplarsapling.pngRedwoodsapling.pngPhoebesapling.pngWalnutsapling.pngPeachsapling.png Icon259.png

Bamboo.pngBambooShoot.pngMushroom.pngMushroom red.png Icon263.pngIcon12586.pngIcon12585.pngIcon12584.png


Dumpling.png Bad Dumpling.png Icon12059.png Stickyricepudding.png Purplestickyricepudding.png Yellowstickyricepudding.png

Rice cake.png MilkCandy.png Strange-taste Candy.png Bottled milk.png Bottled honey.png Sparkling juice.png Demon juice.png

Rice dumpling.png Bubblegum.png Cherryicon.png Watermelon Slice.png Pinecone.png Honeyshard.png

Bread.png Burger.png Waffle.png Long Bread.png Pumpkin Pie.png Roasted Potato Chips.png

Roasted Potato.png Tasty Burger.png Tasty Waffle.png Tasty Long Bread.png Tasty Pumpkin Pie.png Tasty Potato Chips.png

Rotten Meat.png Crab Stick.png Raw Rice.png Cooked rice.png Watermelon Juice.png TastyWatermelonJuice.png

Raw Chicken Leg.png Raw Pork.png Raw Steak.png Lamb chop.png Fish.png Salmon.png
Roasted Chicken Leg.png Roasted Pork.png Roast Steak.png Roasted lamb chop.png Roasted fish.png RoastedSalmon.png

Ham.png Tasty Sausage.png Crab Ham.png Tasty Crab Ham.png Poisoned Ham.png Tasty Poisoned Ham.png RoastChicken.png Tastey Roasted Chicken.png

Fruit Platter.png FreshFruitPlatter.png VegetableCasserole.png Tasty vegetable casserole.png RadishSalad.png TastyRadishSalad.png Mutton Soup.png Tasty Mutton Soup.png
Icon468.png Icon467.png Icon466.png


White dye bottle.png Blue dye bottle.png Pink dye bottle.png Black dye bottle.png

White dye.png Orange dye.png Pink dye.png Blue dye.png Yellow dye.png Yellowgreen dye.png Pinky dye.png
Grey dye.png Light grey dye.png Cyan dye.png Purple dye.png Brown dye.png Green dye.png Red dye.png Black dye.png