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Items can be found or created in Mini World. There are a many different items, the players can find or use to their advantage.


Materials are used to craft tools and more.

Small Coal.png - Coal
Iron Ingot.png - Iron Ingot
Gold Ingot.png - Gold Ingot
Kyanite.png - Kyanite
Blue Cable.png - Blue Cable
Malachite.png - Malachite
Diamond.png - Diamond


Feeling colorful? Why not use these dyes in your builds!

Red Dye.png - Red dye
Orange Dye.png - Orange dye
Yellow Dye.png - Yellow dye
Yellow Green Dye.png - Lime Dye / Yellowgreen Dye
Green Dye.png - Green dye
Cyan Dye.png - Cyan dye
Kyanite.png - Kyanite
Light blue dye.png - Light Blue Dye
Magenta Dye.png - Pink dye / Pinky dye (both are different pages)
Purple Dye.png - Purple dye
Black Dye.png - Black dye
Brown Dye.png - Brown dye
White Dye.png - White dye
White dye bottle.png - White dye bottle
Pink dye bottle.png - Red dye bottle
Blue dye bottle.png - Blue dye bottle
Black dye bottle.png - Black dye bottle


Check out the items you can use as a natural food source!

Wheat.png - Wheat
Carrot.png - Carrot
Potato.png - Potato
Pumpkin.png - Pumpkin
Watermelon Slice.png - Watermelon Slice
Wheat Seed.png - Wheat Seed
Pumpkin Seed.png - Pumpkin Seed
Watermelon Seed.png - Watermelon Seed
Rice Seed.png - Rice Seed


Feeling hungry, why not check out some foods you can make?

Bread - Bread (3x Wheat)
Long Bread - Long Bread (6x Bread)
Tasty Long Bread - Tasty Long Bread (1x Orange Maguey + 1x Long Bread)
Roasted Potato - Roasted Potato (Smelt : Potato)
Roasted Potato Chips - Roasted Potato Chips (1x Roasted Potato + 3x Paper)
Tasty Potato Chips - Tasty Potato Chips (1x Orange Maguey + 1x Roasted Potato Chips)
Mushroom Soup.png - Mushroom Soup (1x Bowl + 1x Red Mushroom / Brown Mushroom)
Vegetable Casserole .png - Vegetable Casserole (Unknown Ingredients)
Tasty vegetable casserole.png - Tasty Vegetable Casserole (1x Orange Maguey + 1x Vegetable Casserole)
RadishSalad.png - Radish Salad (1x Sunflower + 1x Carrot + 1x Bowl)
TastyRadishSalad.png - Tasty Radish Salad (1x Pink Maguey + 1x Radish Salad)
Watermelon Juice.png - Watermelon Juice (1x Bottle + 4x Watermelon Slices + 1x Tecoma Stans)
Tasty Watermelon Juice.png - Tasty Watermelon Juice (1x Pink Maguey + 1x Watermelon Juice)
Cooked Rice.png - Cooked Rice (Smelt : Raw Rice)
Fruit Platter.png - Fresh Fruit Platter / Fruit Platter (1x Bowl + 1x Fresh Fruit + 3x Watermelon Slice)
FreshFruitPlatter.png - Tasty Fruit Platter (1x Pink Maguey + 1x Fresh Fruit Platter)
Pumpkin Pie.png - Pumpkin Pie (1x Pumpkin + 1x Egg + 1x Sugar + 1x Hyacinth)
Tasty Pumpkin Pie.png - Tasty Pumpkin Pie (1x Orange Maguey + 1x Pumpkin Pie)
Waffle.png - Waffle (1x Egg + 1x Ball Bean + 1x Wheat)
Tasty Waffle.png - Tasty Waffle (1x Orange Maguey + 1x Waffle)
Cake.png - Cake (Unknown Ingredients)
Honey Cake.png - Honey Cake (Unknown Ingredients)
Roasted lamb chop.png - Roasted Lamb Chop (Smelt : Raw Lamb Chop)
Mutton Soup.png - Lamb Casserole (Unknown Ingredients)
Tasty Mutton Soup.png - Tasty Lamb Casserole (1x Red Maguey + 1x Lamb Casserole)
Roasted Chicken Leg.png - Roasted Chicken Leg (Smelt : Raw Chicken Leg)
RoastChicken.png - Roast Chicken (6x Roasted Chicken Legs)
Tastey Roasted Chicken.png - Tasty Roast Chicken (1x Red Maguey + 1x Roast Chicken)
Roasted Pork.png - Roasted Pork (Smelt : Raw Pork)
Ham.png - Ham (Unknown Ingredients)
Tasty Sausage.png - Tasty Ham (1x Red Maguey + 1x Ham)
Crab Ham.png - Crab Stick Ham / Crab Ham (4x Roasted Pork + 1x Dead Leaves + 1x Crab Stick + 1x Animal Bone)
Tasty Crab Ham.png - Tasty Crab Ham (1x Red Maguey + 1x Crab Stick Ham)
Poisoned Ham.png - Smelly Ham (Unknown Ingredients)
Tasty Poisoned Ham.png - Tasty Smelly Ham (1x Red Maguey + 1x Smelly Ham)
Roast Steak.png - Roast Steak (Smelt : Raw Steak)
Burger.png - Burger (2x Bread + 1x Linomium + 1x Roast Steak)
Tasty Burger.png - Tasty Burger (1x Red Maguey + 1x Burger)
Roasted fish.png - Roasted Fish (Smelt : Raw Fish)
RoastedSalmon.png - Roasted Salmon (Smelt : Salmon)
Bottled milk.png - Bottled Milk (Use the Bottles after feeding the Cow Sugarcane.)
Bottled honey.png - Bottled Honey (3x Bottles + 1x Honey Bucket)
Cherryicon.png - Fresh Fruit / Apple (Rare drop from Fruitwood Leaves)
Ball Bean.png - Ball Bean (Rare drop from Redwood Leaves)
Pinecone.png - Pinecone (Rare drop from Larch Leaves)


Find these within your world, or buy them from merchants.

Dragonflower.png - Dragon Flower (Can be commonly found within forests / grasslands)
DragonFlowerSeed.png - Dragon Flower Seed (Crafted using Dragon Flower. Comes in two for reproduction.)
Whoops! Someone didn't upload an image! - Small Rose (Bought from merchants.)
Whoops! Someone didn't upload an image! - Small Rose Seed (Crafted using Small Rose. Comes in two for reproduction.)
Red Maguey.png - Red Maguey (Bought from merchants.)
RedMagueySeed.png - Red Maguey Seed (Crafted using Red Maguey. Comes in two for reproduction.)
Mushroom red.png - Red Mushroom (Found in dark places / bought from merchants.)
Orange Maguey.png - Orange Maguey (Bought from merchants.)
OrangeMagueySeed.png - Orange Maguey Seed (Crafted using Orange Maguey. Comes in two for reproduction.)
Sunflower.png - Sunflower (Can be commonly found within the grasslands.)
SunflowerSeed.png - Sunflower Seed (Crafted using Sunflower. Comes in two for reproduction.)
Tecomastans.png - Tecoma Stans (Loot from Savage / Boarman.)
TecomastansSeed.png - Tecoma Stans Seed (Crafted using Tecoma Stans. Comes in two for reproduction.)
Dragonclaw.png - Dragon Claw '(Found within the grasslands / bought from merchants.)
DragonClawSeed.png - Dragon Claw Seed (Crafted using Dragon Claw. Comes in two for reproduction.)
Hyacinth.png - Hyacinth (Found within basins. Also bought from merchants.)
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Limonium.png - Limonium (Found within the basins / red soils. Also bought from merchants.)
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Syringa.png - Syringa (Found within basins / bought from merchants.)
SyringaVulgarisSeed.png - Syringa Vulgaris Seed (Crafted using Syringa. Comes in two for reproduction.)
Whoops! Someone didn't upload an image! - Dragon Dracaena (Bought from merchants.)
DragonDracaenaSeed.png - Dragon Dracaena Seed (Crafted using Dragon Dracaena. Comes in two for reproduction)
Pink Maguey.png - Pink Maguey (Bought from merchants.)
PinkMagueySeed.png - Pink Maguey Seed (Crafted using Pink Maguey. Comes in two for reproduction.)
Grey Maguey.png - Grey Maguey (Bought from merchants.)
GreyMagueySeed.png - Grey Maguey Seed (Crafted using Grey Maguey. Comes in two for reproduction.)
Daisy.png - Daisy (Found in the grasslands. Also bought from merchants)
DaisySeed.png - Daisy Seed (Crafted using daisy. Comes in two for reproduction.)