Newbie Tutorial Basic Enchantment

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If you are new in Mini World, join us quick! Here is everything for newbies to know.

Welcome to Mini School!
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In the last tutorial,we have been to the resource-rich mine, looking for mineral resources and crafting some tools with new resource blocks.
Maybe you don’t know yet, that the ability of the equipment can be improved more!

This is called: enchantment, but how to do that?
Let's take a look together.
Click on "Backpack" - click on "Enchant" on the left.

Then click/tap on the equipment or weapon you want to be enchanted. Click on "enchant" button to give a stronger buff to weapon/equipment.

The following weapons/equipment can be enchanted in survival mode.

The enchanting costs different amount of stars for different equipment and weapons.
The stars can be obtained in the survival mode from mining and killing creatures and monsters, also farming.

Here are some tips for upgrading your weapon. Try it now!

Wooden Tools Stone Tools Iron Tools Gold Tools Diamond Tools
Wooden Shovel Stone Shovel Iron Shovel Gold Shovel Diamond Shovel
Wooden Hoe Stone Hoe Iron Hoe Gold Hoe Diamond Hoe
Wooden Axe Stone Axe Iron Axe Gold Axe Diamond Drill
Wooden Pickaxe Stone Pickaxe Iron Pickaxe Gold Pickaxe Diamond Jigsaw
star*1 star*2 star*3 star*3 star*5
Wooden Stone Iron Gold Diamond
Stick Stone Spear Iron Sword Gold Sword Diamond Sword
star*1 star*2 star*3 star*3 star*5
Catapult Bow Blowgun Bazooka
star*1 star*2 star*1 star*1
Leather Iorn Iron Gold Diamond
Leather Helmet Chain Helmet Iron Helmet Gold Helmet Diamond Helmet
Leather Armor Chain Armor Iron Armor Gold Armor Diamond Armor
Leather Greave Chain Greave Iron Greave Gold Greave Diamond Greave
Leather Boots Chain Boots Iron Boots Gold Boots Diamond Boots
star*1 star*3 star*3 star*3 star*5

Feel much more confident right? Lets start your adventure now!