Newbie Tutorial Day 1

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If you are new in Mini World, join us quick! Here is everything for newbies to know.

Welcome to Mini School!
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How should I play the game?
What should I do when I enter the game?
How should I spend my first day in game?

Mini Captain is going to teach all you need to do in the first day in game!

First Step:Chop wood

Mini World has different type of terrian like desert, ice field, snowfield, mountains, flatlands, forest and etc.

When you start the game, the spawn point is random, and the first thing to do is chop some wood!


How to chop wood?

With bare hands, tap and hold on the wood.
A progress bar would show up and it will drop a wood block once the progress bar is full.
Walk near the wood block to collect them in your backpack.



Step Two:Craft a Toolbox

You can craft a Toolbox when you collect all the wood blocks from a tree.


Open your Backpack:

On PC, tap B to open backpack.

On mobile devices, click the backpack icon to open your backpack.


First, craft wood blocks into wood boards.

You need 6 wood boards to craft a Toolbox.
Step Three:make a bed
The first day in survival mode is challenging. You have no resources, no food or weapons.
The priority is to made a bed after you collect some basic resources.

To craft a Bed:1 wood block, 3 wood boards, 2 wood stick

First you need to find a sheep. Walk around, normally there are sheep spawns near you.

Tap on the sheep to attack. When you kill the sheep, it will drop randomly a lamb chop or wood block, and experience.

Then craft a bed using Toolbox.

Hold the bed and tap on the ground to place it.

When the night come, tap the bed to go to sleep!
Your character will wake up automatically when the day comes.

Tips:If it is still early when you finished the bed, it is suggested to get more wood blocks and prepare for the next day!