Newbie Tutorial Day 2

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If you are new in Mini World, join us quick!
Here is everything for newbies to know.
Welcome to Mini School!
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What kinds of food you can have in Mini World? How to get them?

There are many ways to obtain food, most easily you can do:

-In Wild Environment-

1、There are chances you can obtain food by breaking jars;
2、Pumpkins you see in the wild;
3、Break tree leaves might drop fruits.

-By killing wild animals-

1、attack wild animals(Pigs, cows, sheep, chickens, fishes) and kill them can obtain raw meat;
Tips:Can eat directly. Eating cooked meat can restore more hunger. You can do that by using furnace.
2、Kill Boardman/ Spiderling might drop poisoned meat or spider leg;
Tips:Can be poisoned by eating that.

-By planting-

1、Plant wheat and craft them into bread;
2、Plant potatoes, carrot, pumpkin or watermelons;

In the starter period, the items you have is limited, so it is not wise to travel far.
The second day you can collect some Wheat seed nearby.
Tips:break wild grass might drop wheat seeds


Use Toolbox to craft a Hoe


Using hoe to make a field farmland near water.
Tips:Farmland near water helps wheat to grow better.

Growing Stage of Wheat


To craft a Bread=2 Wheat (can restore 25 hunger)

Are you more confident after learning this? Start your adventure now!