Newbie Tutorial First Time Mining

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If you are new in Mini World, join us quick! Here is everything for newbies to know.

Welcome to Mini School!

Pic 1.png

In the previous tutorial, it shows how to get our own wheat farm, which solve the issue with food. Now in preparation for a far journey, what else need to do except for food?

Lets check it out!

When you go mining, you will find a lot of resources but not enough basic supplies, such as wood or food.

First, you need to prepare a set of wood: limit it in only one type of wood to save more space in backpack.


Then break some stones with your wooden pickaxe, and make a update of your tools.


Use the Toolbox to make three stone pickaxes and one stone shovel.


What you need : a set of wood blocks, three stone pickaxes, one stone shovel and a Toolbox.


Pick wherever you want and start mining! It is very easy to find a mine like picture below.

We suggest to mine near your spawn point or your base.


Feel much more confident right? Lets start your adventure now!