Newbie Tutorial How to protect yourself in mine

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If you are new in Mini World, join us quick! Here is everything for newbies to know.

Welcome to Mini School!
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In the last tutorial, we teach you everything about resource-rich mine.
However in the mine, not only rich in mineral resources but also lots of danger.
So today lets learn how to protect yourselves in mine.
After collecting some iron ores in the mine, we could start making equipment and armors.
Firstly, make a Smelting Furnace (using the toolbox).

Then put the iron ore into the furnace and put the fuel (coal) to initiate the smelting.

There might be some monsters in the mine. You should make a Iron Sword after collecting Iron ingots.


Of course, in addition to Iron Sword, we need more advanced pickaxe (Iron Pickaxe) to collect more advanced resources such as gold/diamond/Lithium.

If we collect enough iron in the preliminary, we can also make some armors (iron helmet / Iron Armor /Iron Greave / Iron Boots) to improve protection.

When you digging around in the mine, remember to protect yourself!

Feel much more confident right? Lets start your adventure now!