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New Record Function Banner.png

In the latest 0.28.5 update, you must have found this new function:

That is right!
This is the new function in MWBA- the Record Function, when you enabled this config, you will see the Record tab when entering the game.
Click the Record tab and you can start recording!


To finish the recording, just click the Record tab again. Next, a notice will pop out and confirm if you want to save the record.

Click Confirm, your record then would be saved!

You can find all saved records in your archives:

Click Edit Record, you can start editing your saved record:


Same as your maps, records can be back up and shared.
In edit record, the configs will show as this:


The tabs on the top left corner are used to adjust the play speed:


The progress bar on the top center is the timeline of your recording.
The yellow pointer indicate the current time of the record playing.


Move the yellow pointer to jump to any scene of the recording.
The tabs on bottom center is used to edit the record:


The first one is to play record in edit mode:

Second is record preview:

Third is to save the current camera position and direction.
When you editing the record, you are controlling the camera position and direction, just like The cameraman.
By clicking the third tab,you can save the current camera position and direction.


The forth tab is to edit the saved settings, such as camera direction, angles, play speed and etc:

This is the configs when clicking the forth tab:

The linked camera indicates whether the current camera content is linked with the next camera content.
If you enable the Linked Camera, the camera scene 1 would move slowly to the camera scene 2, then continue the view.
If you disable the Linked Camera, when camera scene 1 finished, it directly jump to camera scene 2,then continue the view.
The fifth tab is to add subtitles to record:

Here is the configs when clicking the tab:

Right now you can set up subtitle contents, time, and size of subtitle.
All the subtitle setting will show on timeline, which is easier for u to edit!

The blue tags represent subtitles, the yellow tags represent camera settings.
The function of the last tab is not able yet, looks like something relate to music.
Would it be the setting for back ground music? Lets wait and see!!
Now with the Record Function, show your creativity and make the very unique MWBA movies!