The Horas Survival Guide: Complete Protection from the Horas

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As the new update is released,guess many of you have already been to Horas for exploring.
But still,many of you have no idea how to deal with the new planet.
And now,follow my lead,let your Captain show you the way to survive on Horas!

Wanna get to far far away Horas,
You will need to take the spaceship,not a bus,not a ship,but a spaceship.

After taking down the dragon,you will see a jar in the middle of the dragon nest,and you can find the blueprint of spaceship in it,

But if you have already taken down the dragon before the new update,you can purchase the blueprint from the merchant,as for the prize...You will see.

When you get the blueprint,use it,and you will unlock the recipe in the toolbox.

Now you have a spaceship,but you still need to gas it up with fuel.
The fuel that spaceship needs,is made from solid oil,and you can find solid oil inside of the sand underwater,and you can see the black bubbles which comes from the solid oil.


Gas the spaceship up with the fuel,and when the fuel gauge is full,you can launch the spaceship then.

Get on the spaceship,and press jump button,you will launch the spaceship,after the counting down,you will take off for Horas, and if you want to get back,you will need to use the spaceship again.


There are no Oxygen in Horas air. But when you land on Horas,you will land nearby a Oxygen area,and it will last for 5 minutes before it’s gone.
But there are a new kind of tree-Gen wood.

You can take Oxy from Gen wood,and by consuming a Oxy,you will get Oxygen for 60 seconds.

So take more Oxy and take your time!



When exploring Horas,you will find many building looks like altar,and under the altar,you will find a chamber where you can see a crystal,break it up and you will get blueprint and Regen Rune,you can activate the totem with Regen Rune to create Oxygen area.

Use the blueprint and you will unlock a certain recipe. And there are two new ores that are really useful in crafting some special tools.







Horas Copper.png

Horas Copper

Horas Graviti.png