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Tools are equipment in Mini World that will help you with a certain task.

Types of Items

Pickaxe [] Allows you to mine stone, ores, etc.
Axe [] Allows you to chop wood along with byproducts faster.
Sword [] Increases the base damage when attacking.
Shovel [] Speeds up the collection of soil, grass, gravel, etc. Use it on Soil to create a hole.
Hoe [] Allows you to tilt soil and also harvest crops faster.
Guns [] Exclusive items only found in Creative. Can shoot at different variables.
Bows [] Allows you to shoot at a far distance.
Extra Tools [] Does something special.


Melee Weapon

Icon12001.png Icon12003.png Icon12004.png Icon12005.pngIcon11061.png Icon15500.png

Ranged Weapon

Icon12050.png Icon12056.png Icon12281.png Icon12589.png Icon12283.png Icon12284.png Icon12288.png Icon12291.png


Icon15000.png Icon15001.png Icon15002.png Icon15004.png Icon15005.png Icon12587.png


Icon12289.pngIcon12249.png Icon12588.png Fluorescent Flare.png


Stone Spear.pngPebble.pngIcon12287.pngBigPaintedEgg.png Icon12240.pngFluorescent Ball.png

Icon12052.pngIcon12053.png Snow Ball.pngIcon12057.png Icon15519.pngIcon15520.png



Wood Bar.pngIcon817.pngIcon11314.pngIcon11309.pngScroll.pngSmall Glass Bottle.pngIcon12715.pngIcon12716.png

Bottle notitle.pngIcon11326.pngGunpowder.pngIcon11310.pngIcon11315.pngIcon11810.pngIcon12580.pngIcon12578.pngIcon12579.png

Fuel.pngGas tank(Empty).png Gas tank(Oxygen).png Plant Medium.png

Crafting Tools

Toolbox.png Smelting Furnace.png Repair Bench.png Enchantment Box.png Oxygen pump.png


Icon801.pngIcon998.pngIcon999.pngIcon730.pngIcon845.pngIcon846.png Small Code Case.png

Wooden Tools

Wood Hoe.png Wood Axe.png Wood Pickaxe.png Wood Shovel.png

Stone Tools

Stone Hoe.png Stone Axe.png Stone Pickaxe.pngStone Shovel.png

Iron Tools

Iron Hoe.png Iron Axe.png Iron Pickaxe.png Iron Shovel.png

Empty Iron Barrel.pngInstall Water Bucket.png Bucket of Lava.pngBucket of Honey.png

Golden Tools

Gold Hoe.png Gold Axe.png Gold Pickaxe.png Gold Shovel.png

Diamond Tools

Diamond Hoe.pngDiamond Shovel.pngDiamond Axe.pngDiamond Pickaxe.png

Horas Tools

Icon11016.png Hook.png Icon12008.png Icon12275.png
Icon1060.png Icon1058.png Icon1059.png


Icon12201.png Icon12211.png Iron Helmet.png Icon12231.png Icon12241.png
Icon12202.png Icon12212.png Iron Armor.png Icon12232.png Icon12242.png
Icon12203.png Icon12213.png Iron Greave.png Icon12233.png Icon12243.png
Icon12204.png Icon12214.png Iron Boots.png Icon12234.png Icon12244.png
Icon12205.png64x Icon12208.pngIcon12207.pngIcon12206.png Icon12210.png

Circuit Blocks

Power Enhancer.png Power Comparator.png Calculator.png Icon717.png
Icon1004.pngIcon1005.png Icon1008.png Icon1013.png Rotor Block.png Circuit noname.png 941c386b1f0c894f.png Icon1054.png

Circuit Machine

Push-pull Arm.png Icon719.png Icon721.pngIcon722.png Icon839.png
Gold Spring.pngIcon842.png

Circuit Tools

Icon11070.pngRed Cable.png Blue Cable.pngIcon1034.png Icon701.png Dk.png

Icon711.png Stone Transducer.png Icon713.pngIcon715.png Button.pngIcon11809 1.png

Architecture Tools

Icon1063.png Icon1064.png Icon1065.png Icon1138.png Icon11823.png

Physical-properties and Tools

Icon12293.png Icon12294.png Icon12295.png
Icon12296.png Icon12297.png Wooden Box


Bomb.png Icon12823.pngIcon12824.pngIcon12825.pngIcon12826.pngIcon12280.png

Fireworks & Rockets

Icon12750.pngIcon12903.pngIcon12904.pngIcon12905.pngPhysical-properties Erase FireworkIcon12285.pngIcon12822.pngIcon12253.png

Music Blocks

Icon690.png Icon691.png Icon692.png
Icon693.png Icon694.png Icon695.png
Icon697.png Icon698.pngIcon699.png Acyclic Electron.png

Utility Blocks

Icon1000.pngIcon1032.png Icon1001.png Icon1018.png Trigger1.pngTrigger2.pngTrigger3.png


Icon13807.png Icon13806.png Icon13802.png Icon13800.png Rail Node.png Icon729.png Roket.png