Wireless Circuit Components Tutorial

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Pulse and Pulse sensor[edit | edit source]

  • Channel Setting 1

Every Pulses and sensors have 8 channels.
Activating the Pulse will also activate the sensor in a area within 32 blocks nearby.
When you react with the sensor or the Pulse, the channel will be switched.
But the Pulse only could activate the sensors which are in the same channel.

  • Channel Setting 2

The number of the bumps on the Pulse and sensor represents their own channels.
These are the Pulse and the sensor in the channel 1.

These are the Pulse and the sensor in the channel 2.
These are the shape of 8 channels.

  • Implementation

Switch a pulse Pulse to channel 1 and put a pulse sensor within 32 blocks away in channel 1.
When the Pulse is activated,the Pulse will receive the signal and recharge the surrounding blocks.

Analyst and command chip[edit | edit source]


  • Settings

There 8 locations which represent for 8 channels on sensors,each line represents for a command,each command represents for the activated/deactivated signal to every channel.
Blue is On, Grey is Off.
For example, the phrase of channel 1 of the first line is on, then when the analyst pulses the first line of the command chip, the pulse which channel is 1 will receive the signal,turn activated and charge the surrounding blocks.
For each line pulse will output a signal to the reciever and the resolution speed of each line can be adjusted from 0.2s to 0.6s.

  • Command Chip

Insert command chip into the analyst.
After the analyst being triggered,the command chip would parsed in order from left to right.
And the signal would be sent to the Pulse according to the command chip.
The analyst would get the information about the analysis speed of the command chip according the analysis speed of the different command chips.